Yoga Classes

No need to deal with traffic or even schedules that don’t work with your life. Something come up? No worries. You won’t miss a class, because my virtual classes are available live and recorded. Want private classes? I can do them too.

Gentle Movement

Join my accessible yoga classes with an emphasis on working with your body. Learn how to love moving again and enjoy relaxing poses.

Soul Tonic

Feel comfortable inhabiting your skin. As we move through the asanas (poses), we engage different muscles. But it’s not just physical, because we also tone the mind.

Mindful Poses

Feel your way into each pose. Be present in the moment where you can let your cares and stress go for a while. Carve out this time just for you.

Nurturing Comfort

Rejoice in the fact that you’re taking this time for you and during our time together you’re caring for your physical and mental selves. Love your body through movement.

Blossom Naturally

In the quiet you find yourself. It is through the body that you come to know your mind. As we work together, you’ll find the clarity and understanding you seek.

Growing Strength

Without going to the gym or investing in a lot of special equipment you’ll strengthen your muscles and care for your body. Inner strength occurs in the stillness.

Inquire Now

In addition to my scheduled classes, I also offer private sessions. If this is something in which you’re interested, or if you have questions about what I offer, feel free to use this form to reach out. I look forward to hearing from you.

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Take Your First Class for Free

No commitments. No strings attached. Take your first class for free. You're welcome. Come share this time with me and allow me to help you connect with yourself again. This offer is available for both meditation and yoga classes.


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