Make time for you. Bring calm awareness to your day with meditative techniques. Let the stress of the day fall away as you focus on yourself and your body. Listen to what your heart is telling you. Beginner and advanced classes available.

Release Stress

Scientific studies have proven that meditation releases stress, decreases negative thoughts, and helps emotional regulation.

Opens Possibilities

You are so much more than what you do each day. When you take time for yourself and meditate, you’re connecting with your authentic being.

Welcome Mindfulness

Thoughts are like pebbles in a pond. Drop one in and watch the ripples flow. Becoming mindful allows you to control where, and when you drop thought pebbles.

Soothe Anxiety

Mindfulness meditation has been proven in studies to reduce anxiety and depression. It quiets the mind by helping you tune into your thoughts and body sensations.

Trust Yourself

A meditation practice helps you to tune out those thoughts which don’t further your heart goals and helps you to listen to what your inner self is saying.

Ease Depression

In studies, meditation has been shown to help lift depression by helping you focus on the moment and increasing your level of mindful awareness.

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