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What if I’ve never done yoga before?

Welcome. My classes make great introductions to yoga because the focus is on slow, gentle asanas (body postures) and accessible movement.

Do I need anything special?

Ideally I’d recommend a yoga mat, (This is one I’m currently using.) blocks, and a strap. You can check out my gear suggestions page for more links.  A bolster or blanket may be useful at the end of our sessions. However, you’re also welcome to substitute books for your blocks, and a belt for the strap. Start where you’re at. I’ve got you!

How long are your classes?

Weekly classes are around 40-50 minutes. Rejuvenation sessions are 15-20 minutes. Private sessions run around 45-55 minutes unless a shorter time is preferred.

What type of yoga do you do?

Yoga has seven different paths. Within those paths there are many different flavors or types of yoga. My training includes hatha yoga and I draw inspiration from yin yoga for gentle movement.

I have mobility issues. Can I still do yoga with you?

Yes! Please be safe. Please feel free to use any mobility aids you wish. But I welcome students who have challenges and are able to do yoga and gentle movement in their own way.

If you have concerns, I do recommend you check with your physician or other medical team members first. Yoga means union, so it’s important to work with our allopathic (western medicine) healthcare team members as well as utilize any homeopathic methods or therapies that may help.

Will yoga cure my chronic illness?

No, I’m sorry. Yoga will not cure any chronic illness, and I’m not going to tell you that. As someone with a chronic illness what I’ve found is that yoga helps me in two main ways. It helps calm my mind and soothe my anxiety. In addition, the gentle movement eases my pain to some extent and helps keep my muscles flexible and builds strength. You may receive some benefit, a lot of benefit, or very little to none at all. Each body is unique, as is each health situation. Please consult with your health practitioners if you have any concerns or questions.

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