Gentle Yoga

Join me for virtual yoga classes geared toward the novice, the inflexible, the chronically ill, or the curious.

Yoga Classes

Virtual Classes, Open 24/7

Join me during my live, virtual classes or watch a recording and have access to it on your schedule.

Rejuvination Sessions

Go beyond yoga in these short, 15-minute sessions designed to renew and refresh your spirit. We’ll use yoga, but also a variety of modalities including tapping, meditation, and pranayama (breathing exercises), always keeping in mind our mission for gentle renewal.

Meditation & Yoga Nidra Sessions

Work with me 1:1 or join a class. Meditation is a powerful modality for tuning in and listening to your inner voice. Relax, release tension and receive stress relief through a soothing meditation. Recordings available so you can experience this any time you desire.

Yoga Nidra (Yogic Sleep) is a type of yoga experience where you withdraw your senses and turn inward. It provides deep relaxation and helpful self-awareness. Available both in group and private sessions.


Welcome to Charmed Chicken Holistic Living

Union of Yoga and Nature

I lead my classes from my homestead in the Missouri Ozarks. Sometimes I’m outside in the yard, near the horses, or inside in a room crafted to remind me of my rural roots. The where doesn’t matter, and it’s never a fancy studio. I’m a farm girl at heart who loves yoga, mindfulness, and holistic living. Let me share my joy with you! Allow me to give you a glimpse at what renews my spirit and warms my heart. You never know who may join me during a yoga session.

No Pressure Yoga

Work at your own pace and your own abilities. There’s no pressure to work past your abilities. My goal is to help you enjoy being in your body–not stress over it.

Mindful Serenity

You have a lot going on in your life. Take time for you. My Rejuvenation Sessions are perfect for gaining a little peace in our very chaotic world.

Tune Into Yourself

Bring meditation into your life to help listen to your inner voice, rediscover your instincts and receive a release of your daily stress and turmoil. Remember who you are.

Take Your First Class for Free

No commitments. No strings attached. Take your first class for free. You're welcome. Come share this time with me and allow me to help you connect with yourself again. This offer is available for both meditation and yoga classes.


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