You may have noticed that there haven’t been many new episodes of Food Happens lately, so I wanted to give you an update on where the podcast stands right now. First of all, Food Happens will NOT be going away. I do plan on resuming at some time in the future. Right now we’re on hiatus, partially from a personal standpoint (dealing with some family stuff right now), and partially because of a directional change at Charmed Chicken.

I intend later this spring or early summer to revamp Charmed Chicken with a focus on my homestead and farm-to-table living and eating. I want to talk more about my garden and my chickens. I want to talk less about coaching or “food coaches”. Instead, I want the blog to be more personal. So until this website change happens, I’m going to keep Food Happens on hiatus. When it comes back, there will probably be more shows talking about the homestead and probably the shows will release to patrons of my Patreon account early.

So stay tuned! Food Happens will be returning. I promise.