It’s been a long late fall and winter without egg laying. In spite of having roughly 15 hens, most of whom were pullets who reached egg laying age around August, we had a dreary winter where I actually had to *gasp* buy eggs at the grocery store. I suspect it had a lot to do with our weather. I don’t think we saw the sun but a handful of days in November and December, so what shortened light days we had were compounded by a persistent cloudiness. However, now that our weather has turned, or at least is yo-yoing between slightly warmer than average and way warmer than average, the girls are back on the job!

I am getting 8-12 eggs a day, and boy am I enjoying them. As a household we use about 18 eggs a week, and that’s if I don’t do any baking or extra cooking. I sell my eggs for $2.50 a dozen, so four dozen sold buys a bag a feed. The girls can at least chip in now, if not outright pay for themselves, which means we get “free” eggs. That works for me!

If you’re still waiting for your girls to come off strike, have hope. Egg laying will commence again, and soon, you’ll be able to enjoy the bounty of fresh eggs right from your front yard.