Say Good-Bye To Food Waste


Give me one hour and I’ll show you how to use all the veggies you buy = Save time and money!

You want produce that’s fresh, locally-grown, affordable, and tasty!!!

Let’s face it, going to the supermarket is a chore. It takes time and energy that you don’t have!  And it sounds nice to cook a good meal, but in reality we’re so busy most of us have 5 or so go-to meals that we cook and that gets old–FAST! In the end, you throw out uneaten food and that’s just money into the compost or trash bin.


Say Good-Bye to Food Waste

What if this webinar could…?

Save you money each week. Then, take that money and watch it grow. (Wouldn’t you rather spend it on something fun?)

Save you loads of time, Quit making unnecessary trips to the grocery store. Spend more time doing what you LOVE!

Quit being afraid to try something new. Create AMAZING meals and quit eating “meh” meals.

Take these two easy steps to lessen your carbon footprint. Increase your connection and impact on your community by doing something fun!

This webinar will do this and more…Let me prove it.

This webinar aired on 6/26/16. You will receive the audio recording, slides, and handouts including a free recipe provided with this event.

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