Sad news on the shipped egg front. It seemed that everything that could go wrong did. The eggs arrived and settled just fine. And I’d like to stress that what happened here WAS NOT the fault of the seller in any way. In fact, after Labor Day, I will be getting eggs from her again.

We entered a big heatwave and our a/c couldn’t keep up. Worried about the incubator’s temperatures (the incubator is in the dining room, the hottest room in the house), I had other family members look at the temps for me. Apparently we had a miscommunication and they focused only on the incubator’s built-in thermometer, not the two digital ones I had, and quite often the incubator sat gaping open because the on-board thermometer usually read 10 degrees off. (Hence the two digital thermometers, I used.)

In spite of that, I had three chicks hatch. I was thrilled, because they were a few days late (no doubt to being cooler than necessary), and I didn’t think I’d get any chicks.

However, a temperature issue with the brooder the first night meant we lost the chicks.

I am saddened. Heartbroken actually. But undaunted. I will try again. Like I said, it wasn’t the seller’s fault at all. I’m just going to wait until after Labor Day when it’s more temperate to ship eggs. I did, however, want to give a quick update. And I will, of course, keep you posted on the next batch.