Over the last four years since I’ve moved here, I’ve gone through a lot. There was personal situations, dealing with my mother’s multiple health crisis, as well as my worsening fibromyalgia and depression. Most of all there’s been a since of failure because I haven’t been able to even come close to the money I was making prior to being laid off. So I’ve been quiet here at Charmed Chicken and mostly it’s because I’ve been soul searching.

Somewhere between financial issues, dealing with my mother’s health, becoming her full-time care giver, holding down a full time job that pays less than 50% of the median wage in my industry, and working to rehabilitate the homestead and make it into something that’s working, I lost myself. I lost my vision and what I wanted.

I got so caught up in the day to day struggle to live that I forgot how to live.

I’m remembering again and the good news is that the Homestead is as big a part of that as ever. It’s my oasis. My port in a storm. It’s where I come to relax and recharge. And as such, I think I’ve been going about things the wrong way thinking about monetizing it. Yes, there are some things I can do to earn money and grow the work on the homestead, but this is my sanctuary–it pays for itself by simply being here.

So with that in mind, I’m going to be focusing on the following:

1. Charmed Chicken Soaps. I love making soap. It’s very relaxing for me. And it’s fun. Who doesn’t love a whimsical bar of soap that smells so yummy?

2. A project to help food insecurity. I’ve blogged a lot about food insecurity. It’s also something that I’ve keenly felt. I’ve been overrun with eggs this year because of working from home to take care of mom and not being able to get into town as often. So I am working on researching and putting together a project to help food insecurity in my community. I’ll blog more about it when I get some research done. 🙂

3. Various other crafty projects. My sewing machine is singing to me, begging that I get it out and sew. I have supplies here for horse fly masks and chicken saddles. I want to work on these, again to align with my goal of my homestead as an oasis, not a chore.

I’ll still blog about being a pain unicorn, caretaker, and various other things. I’m looking at bringing back Food Happens. Mostly in a same form, but rather focusing on things here.

This is my vision for Charmed Chicken. I hope you’ll share it with me.