It’s that time of year. My April 15 hatch is now about 14 weeks old, and I am itching to get the pullets in with the laying hens. Part of that has to do with my being behind in building the goose/duck house, and they’re mixed in with my ducks/geese who are about a month younger, and I’d like to give everyone more room. The other part of that is I am ready to stop buying the more (by a couple of bucks) expensive bags of starter/grower.

However, you should always read the instructions on the grower feed you use. Most say to keep your birds on grower until 18-20 weeks or they lay their first eggs (for pullets). I do pretty good if I give it at least four months from hatch date, with a week or two added for good measure.

If you get impatient and move your birds onto layer pellets, the extra calcium can hurt their kidneys. You don’t want to do that, so stay strong, keep patient, and wait for at least 16-18 weeks.