When I saw the egg cooker at Aldi’s in their product aisle, I bought it as a half-joke. After all, I had at any given moment 100+ eggs in my fridge due to prolific chickens and the fact that working from home to take care of my mom decimated my egg customers. I live too far out for people to come and buy eggs. I had to do something with them all. Little did I know that this gadget would become something I use every morning and a mainstay of my kitchen.

My little egg cooker can hard boil up to 6 eggs, make a 2 egg omelet, and poach 2 eggs. In short, do most of the things that I do for breakfast. In fact, this morning, I grabbed a leaf of bright lights swiss chard from the garden, chopped it up, put it in the omelet and it was delicious!

After seeing how much I loved mine, when my gran mentioned that she missed being able to have poached eggs for breakfast, I sent her one from Amazon. She tells me she hopes to use it soon.

However for those of us with farm fresh eggs, this little miracle device solves one more problem. How to peel hard boiled eggs that are fresh. There are tips and tricks like a bit of vinegar or baking soda in the water. However, those who have egg steamers, which is what this device is, report that their eggs peel so much better and so nicer. I am pleased to report this is the case. Mom wanted medium boiled eggs for breakfast – perfect! I made deviled eggs. Again, perfect!

I cannot recommend a little egg cooker like this enough. I use mine every morning to make omelets or to hard boil eggs. It’s an ingenious device, one that will save you time and trouble, and it will help you eat those farm fresh eggs.