I know that today we have an increasingly disconnected relationship with food even as our world is becoming more connected. More knowledge is a good thing, but it’s also a double-edged sword. The more we learn about food, nutrition, and healthy eating for ourselves and our planet, the less we trust what we’re being told. The truths of years past are no longer true, and we’re wondering if it even matters what we eat anymore.

I believe that it isn’t what you eat, but how you eat. The relationship you have with food matters. It matters for you. It matters for your family. It matters for our planet.

I want all of us to live in a world where healthy, local food is abundantly available and people aren’t shamed for what they eat or even how they eat it. I want everyone, just once, to taste produce fresh from the garden or eggs direct from the hen house. And I want people to experience it on their own time, their own schedules, in a way that works best for their lives.

I embrace late night popcorn snacks and rushing indoors with fresh eggs to make breakfast. I embrace eating what you want to eat, when you want to eat it, with the full knowledge of what you’re eating. I embrace succulent berries on a summer’s afternoon and warm cups of tea on a cool fall evening. I embrace ice cream and whipped cream, olive oil and avocados.

I want nothing more than to show you the world of backyard food production and farmer’s markets. I want you to experience tastes and textures you may not have and to find ways to bring healthy, natural food into your life.

I care deeply about family farms and backyard gardening, about local and sustainable food that’s good for us and for the environment. 

I hope to one day be able to get the majority of my food from my own homestead and be able to grow and produce plenty of food for ourselves and to share with others.

This is the journey and beliefs that I wish to share with you.