As you know, it’s been a rough year here on the homestead. Between my own health issues, my mother’s fall, my becoming her full-time nurse’s aide…let’s just say it’s been a lot rougher than I anticipated 2017 to be, and I need help.

We rescued Truffle last October and were told she was about 3 months old. We placed her in the building we were going to turn into our duck/goose house, with the anticipation that she’d have a new run and yard shortly. Then, life happened. I tried to rehome Truffle for months. No one wanted to help. So, she’s here to say, and she NEEDS that new run. She’s nearly a year old now, and I am determined to do right by her.

I’m once again selling soap. Delicious bacon scented soap. (You can choose other fragrances as well if you like.). They are $4 a bar and all profit goes toward building Truffle her new house and run.

Simply click on the item above to see all the color and fragrance options. Want something that’s not listed there? Contact me. I’m happy to do custom orders with a minimum of 3 bars of soap.

Truffle and I appreciate your help and support. If you can, please share this with others who may be interested. I’m hoping to raise the money (a little under $400) as quickly as possible and making soap is my zen. 🙂