Every year the Backyard Chickens Forum has an Easter Hatch-A-Long, where we all set eggs designed to hatch on Easter. Well mine came about 4 days early, starting to hatch on Wednesday.  Here are my numbers.

Set 26 eggs
Hatched 19 chicks
Of the rest, 2 were infertile, 1 had something go wrong early in the process, 2 failed to finish hatching, and 2 were dead in shell.
Fertility rate for Wazoo & Kazoo, 92%

Normally I have excellent luck and fertility for my roosters is very high. However, this year, the eggs started hatching on Wednesday, nearly five days early. I had planned on putting the incubator in lock down Wednesday evening, but by then the hatching process (for my one banty egg) and pipping process was well underway. I believe the lack of higher humidity prior to hatching caused the issues with the failed to finish hatching eggs as well as the dead in shell eggs. My temp was solid 99.5 the entire time, so the only thing I can think of is that since the eggs sat on the turner for about 3 days before I started them that they had begun to develop then.

I’ll post pictures later this week.