mary_032015_fortunefireflyI reside on 18 acres in the Missouri Ozarks, which I call Harmonic Spirit sanctuary. I truly feel this place matches the name, for we routinely have wildlife such as deer, armadillos, coyotes, three-toed box turtles, raccoons, and opossums cross our property. The variety of birds is staggering. And everywhere I look, I am rewarded with a beautiful vista. Even during the harshest winter, the landscape turns crystal white with beauty and wonder.

Harmonic Spirit Sanctuary is a place of healing. The healing begins with the land, for the people who lived here before did not take care of the place. Therefore, we are constantly in the process of doing extensive cleanup and beautification. Our goal is to maintain the sanctuary as a place for wildlife, imposing as little of our human stamp upon the place as possible.

We are currently researching how to turn our beautiful property into a true 501(c)3 nonprofit sanctuary for animals and healing.

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