There’s something about trying to garden when you’re in the midst of a fibro flare, morbidly depressed, and being a beyond full-time 24/7 caretaker that kind of makes it fail. Funny how that works with no time to weed or do any basic garden maintenance.

My swiss chard did do very well and I got two kohlorabis out of the garden along with a head of cabbage about April/May. The other head of cabbage is still sitting in the garden, while the swiss chard is getting overgrown. I never did get those green beans planted.

The zucchini plants have blossoms, and my lemon cucumber has blossoms, so I have hopes for them. The tomatoes are coming on, but I never got tomato cages around them so they’re kind of a flopped over mess right now. I hope to get out in the mornings, maybe, and finally put the tomato cages on them.

Why am I telling you this? Because I think amidst an Instagram-perfect world where everyone’s gardens look like those on the television shows, or are supposed to right, that it’s okay to talk about the failures. Talk about the ones that didn’t work out. The plants the aphids ate. Or the hornworms. To talk about when pain and energy and sheer desire to do anything have taken you so far down, you can barely move, and yet your time is taken up with responsibilities so you have to.

What i want to say is that it’s okay if your garden didn’t work out this year. It’s okay if things didn’t go as planned. There is always next season.