As I listen to my parrots in the living room, I am reminded that I’ve always had an affinity for feathered creatures. At one time I had a bird room where I bred zebra finches and parrotlets and I was involved extensively in the pet bird market selling my own unique blend of cook and serve food.

It’s no wonder then that as I live on my own homestead that I’ve transitioned to poultry. Part of it is our cat population dramatically increased (You may have followed the Soap for Sweet Pea campaign in 2015 to raise money to spay/neuter all the kittens that found their way to our place via stray mama cats.), and where I could trust my house full of geriatric kitties not to interact with the birds, these young cats are enthusiastic. They do leave the parrots alone, but smaller birds…I’m not so sure. (In fact, I’m trying to figure out how to handle the chicks that will be coming and hatching the middle of April, since I’m not spending time in my office due to taking care of mom.)

In my chickens, I see the same unique avian mindset and intelligence. I love working with them. They have personality, and while they don’t talk, my chickens are just as entertaining as the parrots, with the added benefit of their noise being outside.

Though my two parrots have a forever home with me, I’m not sure when they pass on, if I will take in any other non-poultry birds. Perhaps they filled a need I had when I lived in town or maybe it will be a matter of waiting for the right parrot. I’m not sure, except what I do know is that for the most part, I’ve transitioned from parrots to poultry.