You may have heard on the news about the historic levels of flooding here in Missouri. The effects of such weather on a homestead can be devastating.

Luckily, we’ve been pretty lucky here. Our home, buildings, and livestock are on the top of a large hill. And while I have some pictures of creek flooding to the point where we couldn’t have gone into town if we wanted to yesterday, this is why you plan ahead and make sure to have supplies for at least a few days on hand. Fortunately on Saturday I could go into town, get groceries, and come home before the worst hit. (And in town, it did hit very hard.)

We’re situated maybe 500 yards off the Arkansas border, and in our case the weather seemed to come up to the west, then go north and around us. I don’t have a rain gauge, but given the devastation I saw in town, we had a lot less rain. The news said that West Plains got 8.57″ over the weekend.

We made it through just fine, though the horses were admittedly a bit dismayed over the amount of water in their run-in shed. However, the duck loved it, so much so that I had to go out in the pouring rain to encourage him to get into the coop to shut them in for the night. Silly duck!