The “velociraptors” (aka the roosters who are going to get a month or two more before visiting freezer camp), were moved to their grow out pen. We haven’t had a chance yet to build an enclosure and so I moved the game cam from the backyard to the front. I expected to see the raccoons that we know use the path between the chicken runs and the pasture fence as a highway. I’d caught and trapped quite a few raccoons there. What I didn’t expect was caught on camera…

A coyote so close to the house. Sure, I’d caught one, rarely (like two pictures in the span of 7 months) in the back yard near the forest. But in the front half of the pasture, close to my chicken coop? This was a bit close to home.

And it wasn’t just one night. It came back every night for a week, and I swear it’s looking at those young roosters like YUM!. I haven’t had the game cam going since. Need to put the card back in and the batteries. But it’s sold me on why I need a game cam on my coop 24/7, and why you should too.


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