charmedsoapslogo_96Our sense of smell is the most powerful for evoking emotion and memories.  At Charmed Chicken Soaps, we don’t want your personal time to be just another chore. Instead, tap into your inner wisdom, find connection, and affirm your desires with handcrafted Charmed Chicken soap. We make soaps in small batches, infusing each one with reiki energy and love so they come to your door charged and ready to help you.

For relaxation, ritual use, focused intention, or just plain fun, Charmed Chicken soap is the gift you give yourself.

Wholesale and custom inquiries welcome.

Please check out Soaps for Sweet Pea, the begining of our animal rescue line where the proceeds go to cat rescue. We’re starting close to home and hope to expand regionally so that all kitties in the Ozarks can get the vet care they need.


If our store doesn’t open above, click here.

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