Locally Laid by Lucie B. Admunson
nonfiction, farming, chickens

To anyone reading this blog it’s no surprise that I’m a sucker for anything chickens. When I saw Locally Laid in my library, I checked it out. I am so glad I did.

It’s not easy being a backyard farmer and when your husband decides that he wants to have a substantially larger (like a thousand birds larger) flock and go into the pastured egg business, well it’s hard not to think he’s a bit off his rocker. That’s what the author faced when her husband made the pronouncement and they dived into the murky and often confusing world of middle agriculture.

My flock is closer to 20, but I found myself nodding in agreement, laughing, and even tearing-up as the author discusses the trials and tribulations of raising pastured poultry while providing a thorough and excellent education on the state of today’s agriculture. As someone who is working towards her Associates and then her Bachelor degree in Agriculture, I found the concepts I’d been learning about to be applied and explained to the layperson reading the book.

I loved this story! For fans of those who just like plucky homestead tales or chicken geeks like myself, this book is an excellent story of one family’s struggle to find their niche in the sprawling and often intimidating world of agriculture, and to do so and thrive in a place where foreboding winters and a tough economy make it a struggle on the best of days. I found this book inspiring and have heartily recommended it to all my chicken friends.

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