Miss Belle says, “I won’t eat the chickies. Look at me all innocent keeping my mom’s wheelchair seat warm while she naps.”

In previous years I didn’t have to predator proof my baby chicks. The only chat who had the run of the living room, where we kept the baby chicks, was mom’s old cranky lady, Belle. And she took it upon herself to watch over the chicks, much like it’s her job to watch over mom.

This year, however, the “beans” (You’ll remember them from Soap for Sweet Pea.) refused to remain in their spacious front bedroom and no amount of baby gates (we were up to 2) would keep them in. So I gave in while mom was in the nursing home for rehab and let them have the run of the house. This left me with a dilemma. How do I keep my baby chicks safe from cats?

I could put them in my office, but with my new responsibilities with mom, I don’t go into my office anymore. Yes, I hope to get back out there. But for now, the front bedroom, the Beans’ old room, is my office and it’s working out quite well. I don’t heat or cool the office. Why would I? I’m not out there anymore. And I didn’t feel comfortable with that.

I posted on the BYC (Backyard Chickens Community) facebook group with my dilemma. You see, the first batch of chicks that arrived on Thursday from Ideal Poultry (I love them!), my 3 crested Cayuga Duck Females and 7 straight run banty Americaunas, are in a parrot cage. That’s them you see in the featured photo. I’ll take some pictures of the setup. I rather like it. But the other brood? Those 25 eggs that are due to hatch on Easter. What do to about them?

My usual “Rubbermaid” tote would still be okay, but how to keep kitties from getting inside? Enter a large dog kennel. I don’t need it for corralling roosters heading to freezer camp. They’re all there, and these guys won’t be going until fall. The tub fits perfectly inside. I use a brooder, rather than a heat lamp, and it’s perfect!

Again, I’ll try to take some pictures and blog about it next week.

But for now the chickies are all predator proofed and I feel a lot better about going to bed at night knowing my precious little babies will be safe. At least from indoor predators.

(Sharing the cuteness one more time!)